Перевод песни King Missile – Come Closer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
He focused on nothing but the whole fruit
100% naturally delicious
It’s always been that way and
It will always be that way
This is an emergency
Remove your mind at once and turn it in to the authorities
This is your final warning
Violators will be permanently exiled to paradise
The year is one
This is the conclusion of one series
And the initiation of another
It makes me see red
It makes death crawl all over me
Makes my muscles tighten
And all I can think of is how much I would love
To put my body through a paper shredder
It makes me want to impale myself on a bed of nails
Or jump into the big black cauldron of boiling oil
It makes me want to twist my body round and round
Tie myself in knots
Tear myself in half
Scream for joy and die and die and die and
When it gets like this
I just don’t know what to do with myself
I’m helpless
And I don’t want your help
And there’s nothing you can do anyway
I just want to end it all
And it never ends
It never ends
It’s so pleasant here
The swallows are singing Swedish and Swahili
Please come closer
I need you