Перевод песни Archie Bell and The Drells – Mama Didn't Teach Me That Way

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That’s what mama say
That’s what mama say
Oh some boys they make their girls cry
And they even, they even, they even
get two
But my mama she said
Son, you better get it right
'Cause if you don’t
you’re gonna be on a long lonely night, yeah
My mama didn’t teach me that way
oh no, no, no
She taught me to love that girl, yeah
oh yeah, my mama didn’t teach me that way, oh
Oh some boys they live their girls all alone
And they won’t let them go out
they’ll just let them stay at home
My mama said: «show your girl a good time
Love the little woman,
love the little woman
And give her a piece of mine», yeah
Oh yeah, my my mama taught me to love that girl
oh yeah, she taught me to love her
Now, some boys make their girls blue
And they leave them home
they leave them home
with nothing to do
my mama said: «son, show your girl a good time
love that little woman,
love that little woman
and give her a piece of mine»
oh no, mama didn’t teach me that way, oh
oh no, no
She taught me to love that girl
She taught me to love that girl
She taught me to cheer her, and love her
Cheer that woman, oh yeah
«Love your baby, love your baby, son»
Oh yeah