Перевод песни Bootsy Collins – #1 Funkateer

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Well, alright! Watch me talk.
Yeah ah, Casper, could you accept the Jammy Award for Bootsy?
Well, Lordy be! The little ol' Lord’s makin' me, bopper.
Say thanks for makin' me #1 funkateer of all time.
You’re #1, baby. Yeah (yeah), surely the one giveth and
the one taketh away, bopper.
You’re #1, baby, yeah. You’re #1, baby, uuuu.
You’re #1, baby, yeah uuuu, baby, yeah, my #1, my #1,
my #1, yeah ouh oh, baby. You’re #1, baby, yeah, my #1,
my #1, my #1, uuuuu, baby, yeah.
Let’s take it to the floor, bozo. You bad, let’s take it to the
floor, bozo. Let’s take it to the floor, bozo. You’re #1.
Baby baby baby, you’re my #1. Playboy, play! Hey, playboy,
don’t you know that, ah, it’s so great to play today?
And it’s so great to play today. I don’t know about tomorrow,
it’s so great to play. Yeah, you can have a little fun, bopper,
today. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it your way?