Перевод песни Bootsy Collins – Countracula (This One's for You)

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Ah yeah, Count, ah, why don´t ya go ahead and count it off there, fella
Count it off
The Countracula here, baby
Bringing you the moment you´ve all been waiting for, baba
Yeah, let me tracle your neck, girl
Yeah, the word is out about the Count
And so let the Count begin, Count (One)
He´s travellin´ by word of mouth
And his a-count´s gonna wear the suckers out, Count
…the Count
I´m a travellin´ across your mouth
So let the Count begin, One
He´s travellin´ by word of mouth
And the Count will finally count you out
Ah, let me tracle you on the neck, baba
He´s so amazing, travellin´ by word of mouth
The word is out, about the Count
Travellin´ by mouth, he´s amazing
He´s so amazing, he´s going down for the Count
You´re so amazing
Count, count us out, Count (x3)
Count count count count count
So let the Count begin
One more time, one, one
You can´t count no badder than me
I´ll tell you that right
Hey wait a minute, man
We sound like, ah, we got a Fake-a-teer in the house, ah, tonight, ah,
he can´t count, man
Ah, yeah, thank you ah, look ah, We´ll send ya ah, check in the mail and we´ll
call ya
Who what´s that?
For I´m for the Count
Who what´s that? (x3)
Hallelujah, hallelujah
So, count it out
Alright, yeah
And you cannot count on me
So let the Count count out
You can count me out
That´s what the songs about