Перевод песни Bootsy Collins – Take a Lickin' and Keep on Kickin'

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It´s your life
Yeah, it´s time to start livin´ in the land of more
Ready, set, go
It´s your life
More, more, more
Oh, don´t you know?
This is your life
Ever-lovin´ life, yeah
Don´t you know that this is your life
Don´t you know it´s your life?
Get ready, set, go
The music is the key to life
I don´t be what you see
Groovin´ naturally
It´s your life
I´m just livin´ in harmony
It´s your life
You can be what you see
That´s alright with me
It´s your life
A listen to your heartbeat
Boom boom, boom boom
This is life
Yeah, ah livin´ and ah lovin´
And I be ah hummin´ and ah bummin´
What they say
That´s life
Live your life (x3)
Some people call you crazy
Crazy as a daisy
It´s your life
Give me the music, the music
And nothin´ but the music
So turn the music on
A listen to your heartbeat
Boom boom, boom boom
Horns, hit me
And let the horns play
Ain´t it groovy
Let the horns play
Everybody get groovy
Give me the music
Get it while it lasts
And get off your
I´m gonna live for life
Yeah, you know what?
There will be some sacrifice
But, ah, ah livin´ for life
Yeah, who´s to say what´s wrong or right?