Перевод песни Jackie DeShannon – Heavy Burdens Me Down

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On the night I was born Mama gave her soul, Lord, to Jesus, Sweet Jesus
And from her final place she cried
«Son, it’s yours to be the man
You go and pull this world together, child
Try and help them understand»
Heavy burdens me down
Heavy burdens me down
Heavy, heavy burdens me down
I don’t know it for pain
On the night of the war mamas gave their young ones, yes, to keep us
And from their final resting place
You know I, I heard them cry
«Oh, God, please send my baby home
Don’t You let, don’t You let, my young boy die»
You see that burdens me down
Don’t You know, don’t You know, heavy burdens me down, down, down
It’s so heavy, heavy burdens me down
Yeah, You know it burdens me down
It’s not that I’m ungrateful, God
It’s not that I don’t care
But the old men lie
And the young ones die
I can’t, I can’t relieve the spell
And it burdens me down
You know it burdens me down
It’s so heavy, heavy burdens me down, down, down
Now don’t it burden you down?
Heavy, burdens me down
Can you hear me now? Don’t it burden you down
When it’s heavy, heavy, when it’s heavy, heavy?
Heavy, burdens me, yeah, you know it burdens me down