Перевод песни Jackie DeShannon – Full Time Woman

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I hear you got a full time woman
Now, does she love you like I never could?
Does she try to understand you?
Does she help you like I never would?
You know as well as I do
After all that we have been through
Now, you just got to set me free
I’d do it for you
Baby now, do it for me
You say you would love me
And take good care of me
If I come home
Do you love, can’t you see?
I would have liked to hear those words
Before I’d gone
I can feel my insides shakin'
Dear, I know your heart is breakin'
Now, you got to set me free
I’d do it for you
Baby, now come on and do it for me
You must know I do love you
The things you’ve done for me
I never could forget
You gave me an understandin' love
The kind I never knew before we met
You helped me in every way
Every step of every day
But now, you got to set me free
Set me, I’d do it for you, baby
Now, come on and do it for me
Set me free, do it for me
Set me free, oh do it for me
I’d do it for you
Can’t you do it for me?