Перевод песни The Pretenders – Worlds Within Worlds

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Flashback of memories
Brought a deep silence
Reminds how the calms before the storms
From a glow of old stars
From the times of hidden scars
We rang then the bells of our childhood
Yet darkness took and death opened doors
Rooms we dare not to give names
In time trapped and flowing million dreams
How I wish this is real
Beyond any fantasy
How I fear this is real, the mask of reality
I hear the echoes
Worlds within the world
The evergreen winter breeze
The ocean of all funeral pyres
I hear the echoes
Worlds within the world
Cycle of stars, ages and alignments
With echoes that went to search
Earthbound if we are dreaming?
still asleep in eternal wait
…to feel the weight of existence