Перевод песни Brook Benton – Shoes

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Shoes, now we’ve been here before
Every time I put you on my feet
You keep walking up to her door
You been turned out in the rain
She puts you out in the cold
You been treated so bad
I think you got a hole in your sole
Now watch yourself, shoes
You’ve worn out your welcome there
Don’t you know when you’re not wanted
She got herself a brand new pair
I thought you’d be tired
Thought you’d be worn
I know where you wanna go, shoes
Every time I put you on
Now listen to me
Shoes, we’ve been here before
Every time I put you on
You wanna walk back to her door
I got to find a way
To keep moving on
I can’t think of yesterday
Cause yesterday has gone
Can’t live on all these things
Locked up in my head
I know where you wanna be
Back there under that woman’s bed
Now, shoes, don’t you
Have a better place to go
Shoes, that woman done
Put a hole in your sole
Shoes (shoes)
(You keep walking up to her door)
And every time I put you
On my feet, you keep on
(You wanna go back for more)
Oh, Lord now, shoes (shoes)
(She's only gonna make you blue)
Shoes (shoes) shoes
I know I put the blame on you
Shoes (shoes)…