Перевод песни The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Sharks Teeth

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Sharks teeth rode the range
Chewing on a railway sleeper
Jesus Christy was a mover
Uncle see the highway keeper
Sharks teeth took the prize
In the book of shadow
Iona the bossman diver
Where the sea go he go
He biting me!
He got — Sharks teeth
Sharks teeth eat Pirahna
On the early morning
The barracuda he no slumber
He never gonna getta warning
Sharks teeth meets Richard Widmark
If you wanna look for trouble
Captian Cook see iron hammer
Blowing bloody bubbles
He biting me!
He got — sharks teeth
Meanwhile out in the bay
Iona is diving for sponges
Unaware that the hammer headed shark is coming up fast
He biting me!
He got — Sharks teeth
Iona he got no protection
Sliding through the seaweed
The hammer headed shark gonna take him
And what the shark want he feed
Hammer take him head in jaw
Iona push him eyes in Lucky fella he still alive
Across the blue horizon
He biting me!
He got — Sharks teeth