Перевод песни ALT And The Lost Civilization – I'm Flippin'

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Damn man, what’s up with this, no microphone
I’m a rock this anyway, so check this out
And I do it like this
(Main Verse)
I was drinking a forty on my boat, out at sea
When this big ol' wave, holmes, it came and tipped me
Then I started sinkin'
And that got me to thinkin'
Maybe I be treading water if I wasn’t drinkin'
Now I’m at the bottom
I might as well chill
I kicked it with The Little Mermaid cause that girl was ill
The mermaid had a ring, but I’m down with O.P.P
Her husband Charlie is a punk, he’s the Chicken Of The Sea
I went to see a rap show, I thought was a trio
A cod
A shark, and yo
There was an eel
The eel was kind of dope, but I knew he was a smoker
He bought a sack of barracuda buddha from a chick named
A big fat chick named Orca
Jaws was hangin' out, but yo, I think he’s trying to pork her
Like I said, she was a skeezer
She did the whole crew
Now here swam a very, very jealous Shamoo
He was huge, and I ain’t lyin'
The vatos started cryin'
Better break out cause harpoons’ll be flyin'
Wouldn’t you shoot if someone did your money dipper
So then
I took a ride on the back of Flipper
Let’s take a trip to the zoo
I met a kangaroo who’s the head of the hip hop crew
I met a cat named Mellow
A goose named Pillow
A pig named Gates, and a funky armadillo
The keeper came around
And homie started dissin' me
Tony, he’s a Tiger, he’s a immigrant from Sicily
Slipped homeboy a C-note
Cause Tony’s got the money
His heina’s name’s Hyena, and she thought that she was funny
Roger Rabbit is a DJ
Cause homie got the cuts
Chip N' Dale is instituted
Because they see the nuts
A snake named Thriller
A duck named Vanilla
A Bear named Yogi, and George is a gorilla
The snake had a sack, and he wanted us to try it
George, yo, he’s Curious
Homie thought he try it
Yogi had the joint
He put it to his mouth
But Smokey is a Bear, he came and made us put it out
Tarzan is a man
And Henry had a hippo
A rhino who’s a whino, so the homie sips the ripple
Now I’m a take the time and stop the rhymin' in the skit
It’s a trip
Because I’m flippin'