Перевод песни Vicious Rumors – On the Edge

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Pounding their way through your head
See it all in your eyes
Reflections of over indulgence
You’re barely alive
Wasting away in a swirling mass of confusion
You’re going to break
On the edge
Living faster you live
On the edge
Time after time, anytime anyplace
Just don’t care
Headstrong and blind
Plunging headlong no mind, unaware
Head to the floor, face in the mud
Watch as you turn into ice
On the edge
Because you do it so well
On the edge
Now that your eyes have been opened to what lies ahead
Don’t be a loser, abuser, you may wind up dead
Up off your ass, take control
'Cause the key to your destiny lies within you
On the edge
Living faster and faster you live
On the edge
Into the pit, down the hatch
Sinking fast, can’t get back
No way out for you now
What the hell will you do, do?