Перевод песни Stetsasonic – In Full Gear

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Let me start by saying
You wanna leave? Go 'head, I’m staying
'Cause I been fully baptised in the river
Stets’ll get loose while Paul’s on the set
And you can bet, this party’s gonna pump like a LinnDrum
A better band, you know it ais’t been one
And on stage, the Stet is a rage
Says Spin magazine on the 21st page
Ozone levels drop, weak rappers stop
Trying what you can get arrested for
White mind, don’t you know it’s a crime?
We had it before you had a piece of crime
You’ll see you better not mess with me
You little maggot, where’s your integrity?
Listen here and get this clear
I’m rolling with the band of the year
And we’re in full gear
And we’re in full, «gear»
We’re looser than a hammock
Unique and crafty like Stet-ceramic
'Cause in full gear is aerodynamic
The button is pressed, in 88 starts the panic
The sucker MCs start running amok
While a band like Stet is having positive luck
And we wen' on tour, made the people roar
In response to the floor, you got a show for sure
A future career keeps Stet aware
'Cause what we display is in full gear, yeah
The peer is pressure, the pressure is peer
But you really feel the pressure when you’re sitting here
A plan sewn together like a 5A stitch
And the tones I choose replaced by pitch
Stet’s so creative with the drop of a tear
Plating fear, making punks wanna disappear
'Cause we’re in full gear
And we’re in full, «gear»
We got a Stet-powered amp of 500 watts
Gaudy Wheels, a Bin-Z Box
Turbo power, a sun rooftop
No doubt will we shout, «We came here to rock»
And we’re in full, «gear»
The way I clown with no big ego
We rock the style to make hip hop gold
We tie our camels to the lumps and bumps
Then come out a champ with the sound that thumbs
S-T-E-T is not a lethal code
From state to state, we sever rhythm and soul
The six-man band of hip hop’ll throw
Need I say more? I know you know
But if you don’t, let me lay it out to you
The Stet mystique will always continue
You whup the punk and we will never mildew
'Cause we’re the one that’s elected to lead you
Fully equipped we come to make it all clear
That we can do this here year after year
Sparking amok from the front to rear
Sharper than the tip of a bumper… (?)
And we’re in full, «gear»