Перевод песни Stetsasonic – It's In My Song

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When you hear this beat you want to just move it
My man you can’t funk with it
But that’s not the name of this one
But once again we’re gonna have some fun
Prince Paul (bust that groove)
(DBC on the keys)
And we got something to prove
And my
(?) wha tI want you to know
(Daddy-O, whatchu want us to know?)
It’s in my song
Its in my song
The facts of life
Everything rotates
If you don’t build then you lose the faith
Society wins while you collect dust
That’s that, don’t go for
Cause its just not in our rhyme
To become weaker
Extraordinary is the life we seek
Play this jam and understand why its in my song
Its not the truth, there ain’t no root
And I got proof, if it wasn’t for the pudding
You couldn’t get in, to have time to play
Well let’s begin with all the members
Blend to a mix
(?) Prince Paul on the mix
DBC on the keys
And we are the three
Stetsasonic and the base kicking base machine
It’s all in my song
Its in my song
Swing your arm with a meaning
So hear the pump cause yeah my song is breathing
Your antistatic and there’s no better medicine
Fine time when the jam’s in session
So (?) cause its all gung ho
Tonight is your night and all the shine is our lingo
Back on the (?)
And redefine
My song and rhyme give permission to no crime
My song, the rhythm of perfection
You know my song stimulates without question
From head to toe, we’re swinging our thing
(?) we come to break it down
Pound for pound, cause our sound is (?)
You know our song will lead you on
But never ever will its steer you wrong
Cause it’s in my song
Prince Paul
Prince Paul
P-P-P-Prince Paul
Prince Paul
Prince Paul