Перевод песни Otis Redding – Just One More Day

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I’ve been missing you for so many days
I keep wanting you, lord, in so many ways
I can’t get you off of my mind
But true love is so hard to find
I want yet another day
Ooh, i need another day
Darling, let me have another day
And i can be anything that you want me to be
Now, now, ooh
The sweet things you used to do to me
Sometimes, well, you used to say them to me
I can’t forget those lovely days, now
But this is the price i’m about to pay
Ooh i want another day, lord
You can let me have just one more day, yeah
Ooh i need one more day, yeah, lord
And i will do anything that you want me to do
Now, ooh my, ooh my, lord
I will do anything that you want me to do, now
Say anything that you want me to say, yeah, yeah
Buy you anything you want me to buy
And i can cherish you till the day i die
If you let me have another day
Please let me have one more day
Ooh i want just one more day, lord
And i can be everything that you want me to be
Ooh, ooh now, ooh
Just one more day, now no
You can let me have just another day, now
Please i want this day
And the day after and the day after
And i want all the days
I want all the days
And i want you here
And i want you here by my side
And i don’t want you do leave me
And You can let me have one more day
And I can love you long for the rest of my life I can cry, cry, cry
Please, let me have just one more day
Just another day
Let me have all my days
Let me have, let me have all the days I gotta
I Gotta I gotta have just all the days