Перевод песни Solomon Burke – Someone To Love Me

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You make me love you
You praying before a fool
(Taught me show me a little things
Yes you did)
Like gone to school
It took my heart
(Think about it)
You turn it upside down
You walk away and left me
You didn't mean to smile on fire
It told our friends
Gotta love was you
You had the nerve to come to the dance
But somebody knew and listened
You thought you had me fool baby
But let me tell you the suprise
I found myself somebody
I finally opened up mine
And thats why I can sing tonight
I found it, found it, found it, found it
(Found it, found it, found it, someone to love me)
Some one to love me
Oh yes
Someone to love me
Now listen I'll tell you why my baby
I found myself somebody
But those are dulls on my dolls
I said I found myself somebody
But knows my will, my will are won't baby.
I found myself somebody that seem
She starts my soul on fire
I found, I found, found myself somebody
That gives me what I want when i want it how i want it everytime I think I want
Listen I found myself somebody...