Перевод песни Solomon Burke – Why, Why, Why

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Tell me why is my world brighter today?
Tell me why is happiness here to stay?
And why is that shiny fortune in view?
I found my one and only you
Darlin, why? Why do my arms hold you so tight?
And why? Why does every kiss feel so right?
And why will two hearts soon be one for all times?
I know why, love is mine
Why, why is my world brighter today?
Tell me why, is happiness here to stay?
Oh, why is that shiny fortune in view?
I know I found my one and only you, oh darlin'
Darling, sometimes I usually ask myself
This silly little three letter word, huh
But from the first day I met you
I realized this is what I heard
I heard bells ringin' in my heart
And it was like a mornin' glow of mist
From that very first moment you told me, you love me
To the very last sweet tender kiss
That’s why my world is brighter today
That’s why true happiness is here to stay
I know why I’ll love you forever and always
'Cause I found my one love in you
Oh, why
Oh why, why, why, why
Oh darlin' why, why