Перевод песни The Spinners – Toni My Love

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Kinda eyes of a kitten, open when I come around.
Nice things with a sparkle, take her beyond space and time.
Toni's all mine, but she should take the time to respect what I say,
coming on strong is the heart of her own. She can't stop! What a shame.
Toni my love, you don't know what you're doin',
seems like it don't get better.
Toni my love, it's you your really foolin',
when you say that we should just give in.
I know, that I, could never win.
Goes home to her mama, telling her how I been wrong.
Give Toni one minute and she'll be on the way home.
-That kind of lady she is, you know.
Girl of my dreams not as bad as she seems; she won't give love too fast.
Time is a key, cause with age she can see.
-That in fact, we have changed
Chorus: (close out song)