Перевод песни The Drifters – He's Just a Playboy

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Hey little girl I know your crying
What a bad time to offer my advice
Ah, but no matter how many tears you shed dear
You'll never melt away his cold, cold heart of ice
Whoa here he comes now
He's just a playboy
Oh and he runs
And he runs from girl to girl
Trying to prove
To prove he's king of the world he lives in
Don't you know he never gives in
He's got a heart of stone
He operates alone, alone, alone, alone
Talking bout the playboy, playboy, playboy
He will read all the latest information
His experience is known from scene to scene
Ah, but he's as thick as all the pages
That a you may read in the playboy magazine
Now I know I haven't got his charm girl
And I'm not familiar with his fancy ways
But, I can give you so much love girl
The kinda love you know that always, always stays