Перевод песни Mick Jagger – Peace For The Wicked

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
No more sleaze ball, funky, low down, skunky juke joints
Where the drinks are knee deep on the floor
And the clientele is posed and angry
And the pretty girls are whores
Who gild the lily, and more’s the pity
If you really want to live a life of passion
If you really want to dance your life away
There’s a place I really got to show you
It’s down in the alley, really hid away
(treat me) Soul City, Soul City
Peace for the wicked
Life for the living in Soul City
It’s a way on down the street
I found it once before
Even though I have the keys
I still can’t always find the door
It can be tricky
Might have to pick it Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul City
Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul City
The girls are witty
The boys are pretty
There’s a girl who’s dancing with my conscience
While the DJ’s playing with my heart
On the screen are my recriminations
While I’m singing I’m still praying hard
Soul City, Soul City
Peace for the wicked
Food for the spirit in Soul City
Soul City, Soul City
Come down there with me Come down there with me