Перевод песни MC Lyte – Fuck That Motherfucking Bullshit

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People call me Strokes, a.k.a. you know the Iceman
When it comes to sex, you know my motto yes I can, can
Never will I front, pass it up or let it walk by
And if I don’t get that ass, well at least I did try
I know the games p.m.s. must run through you
You set it up so no man will ever do you
But when you need your weave done, honey read my lips
You can beg all you want but you gets jack shit
I don’t play, I work hard for my money
5, 6, 7 days a week, shit ain’t funny
Now if sex is old fashioned and you’re not selling out
If you’re giving it up, you better spit that gum out
You wanna what? You must be bugging
A minute and a half of having sex, that ain’t loving
You couldn’t please me if you had his dick
That meaning you heard means you were making me sick
So don’t front and lie like you were all that in bed
When I rolled your fat ass over you were nervous and scared
Mr. love man, you ain’t shit
You better get your homies to suck your own dick
When it comes to sex you get mo better
'Cause I was on your shit even when you had the jetta
It’s '93 now and all that shit done passed
So stop frontin' miss 'cause I want that ass
What you what you can’t get so step off
There’s no room
You want a zoom zoom?
Not in this poom poom
So let me tell you something Mr. Why-you-can't-quit
Save what you can do 'cause that’s some bullshit
So go and tell your friends, you know, the ones you got gassed
To take a cold shower 'cause you get no ass