Перевод песни MC Lyte – Too Fly

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Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly
Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly
Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly
«I think it's time I start feelin' bitchy.»
Juicy like a nectarine when I hit the scene
My game is long and lean like a limousine
I told you from the «get,» I was the wet dream
How simple did it seem to smudge my Maybelline
Now you wanna play like you're hard to get
Should I play how easy you are to forget?
My girls told me I was out to prove 'em wrong
They said you was a jackass and wouldn't last long
Trust me on this here before I let you hit it I knew your dumb ass would last about a minute
I'm too fly for what you got to give to me
I got niggas out there dying to live for me Now you wanna act like you're playing it Like I'm supposed to run and catch your dumb ass, bitch?
You was foolish now to let this one go by Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly
You used to love me, my love thang
I used to love you, with tender loving care
And I'll take you there
And I'll take you there
Had you driving my Yukon on my Motorola
Now you at the pay phone downing a Corona
All dried up, trying to chase the blues away
Not another like me will ever come your way
I even got you new kicks, but there will be No more of that, you'll be wishing you had this
Besides that, I treated you well
But your ass was just too jacked up to tell
Your boy around the way? Your arch enemy?
Asked me for my digits, wanted to get with me First I told him no can do, I'm with you
But new show, new day in New York, forget you
Had me wasting my time as well as my money
Tell your little sister ain't a damn thing funny
Next time I see her, I'mma poke her in the eye
Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly
How you gonna game me? I made the rules
An ass like you only playing to lose
Next time be leery of which one you choose
Picking somebody out, thinking you're about to use
They say you only meet the true love of your life
Once throughout your years, better make her your wife
Now you picked the wrong one to let go by, nigga
Come on, admit it, the Lyte is too fly