Перевод песни MC Lyte – Assaholic Anonymous (Interlude)

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A lot of men need to go to A. A
And not A.A. as in Alcoholics Anonymous
But A.A. as in Assaholics Anonymous
'Cause a lot of men are straight addicted to ass
These are the men that, no matter what
Can’t see past a woman’s butt
These are the men that will lose their jobs for ass
Drop out of school for ass
Diss their friends for ass
And even wreck their cars while looking at ass
Damn ass-drunk drivers
These are the men that are so addicted to ass
That they’ll always make butt statements
Like «The woman’s personality is wack, BUT she’s got much backs»
Or «The woman’s breath is kinda hummin', BUT she’s got a plump ol' onion»
So much so that they for get about such things as
Personality, spirituality, compatibility, and metaphysicality
'Cause they’re straight assaholics
And like I said, they need to take their butts to Assaholics Anonymous
And cure their dumb asses, BUTT…