Перевод песни MC Lyte – My Time

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You can find my niggas on the hottest blocks
Sippin' Henny rock
Holdin' packs in their socks, goin' get this money non-stop
Fuck the cops, we get the drop
Rather run than get locked
Constantly switching the spots
Navigating nautical yachts
Flooded diamonds seasons
Femme Fatale rhyme and reason
Body time for treason
Air Force One, we leavin'
Panama Red holdin' 52 heads for ransom
My nigga Johnny Handsome trigger itchin' to cancel ‘em
I’m like «Hold up, wait a minute
Let’s get down to business
You could kill up all these motherfuckers
Soon as the deal finish»
All out war ‘til we lace something and base something
Don’t say nothing
Scarlet fuck around and grenade something
Exchange something, bodies for dollars
We go two hours to kill
I want a half a mil and a private jet to Brazil
Y’all could forget it ‘cause all negotiations is deaded
The grudge in my heart is embedded
And these are the days that you dreaded
Scanless fiends, we rise from the midst like submarines
Tote sub-machines
Favorite colors green
Illuminate the scene
Playing devils advocate
State lavish and extravagant
Cats holdin' chips
We have to get
Ain’t your average chick
Black Madonna, Ms. Maverick
Platinum exposure vi cola
Sword soldier, yo floss rocks like boulders
The ones that make your wrist bend
Televised like Wimbledon
Thug women in Timberlands
Leave you trembling
Sex symboling, swindling
Femme Fatale and Lyte turn thugs to gentlemen
Ten past nine, Lyte’s time to shine
What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine
Synchronize the time, watch the scheming kind
Type to slip you micky, rob you cats blind
Ten past nine, Fatale time to shine
What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine
Synchro' the time, watch the scheming kind
Type to slip you micky, rob you cats blind
Thug princess, relentless
Step to my business
If it ain’t lucrative with interest
It’s senseless
Tigress la temptress
Loving leave ‘em defenseless
Male mind the simplest
Ice Berg can’t pimp this
Lay with a serpent, sin in your semen
Wake up birthing demons
Got Adam? We even
Trick dada trap
Taped to the garter
Master the art of getting ricotta
Documented like Magna Carta
Ill reputed leaving pockets diluted
Intriguing breast protruded, plan precisely executed
Sonned you, slip the micky, never come to
Made off with a bundle
If you wake, death becomes you
It’s all about extortion
Small cats trying to get a portion
What you sporting
Posing, trying to look important
Caution, yo, that lavish life be costing
Before the fame and fortune
Better know what line you’re crossing
I come passive like a cherry, little girl or a peach
Dress dime and I’m fine when I’m trying to get the heap
I show a lot of teeth, front with the sweets
But you know that beneath
There’s a whole lot of street
Don’t test the temper of the do-more-than-talk shitter
Your mens are trapped like the dead of winter
Slide in like a splinter
Pull out with the money and the Lex
We don’t even have to wet him
Leave him drowning in his sweat
Femme Fatale, what’s next?
They about to get me vex
Trying to do me in the pookie
Thinking he gon' get the sex
Surprise! You’ll be lucky if you ever open your eyes
Or even see the light again, ‘cause I’m about to go in
Don’t question the veteran
You thugs know I’m better than
Anyone or anything or any crew that’s ever been
While you’re listening to this
Got you caught up in the twist
MC Lyte, Femme Fatale
Don’t sweat the fish