Перевод песни MC Lyte – King of Rock

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I knew a girl that couldn’t tell time without a digital clock
She was out on the block slinging rocks
In pursuits of the cream cheese papers
Smoked mad lace and she swung many capers
Trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents
But before she made a twenty, ten cent got spent
She smokin' but bad times got good
When she met an OG from the neighborhood
Now all is well, though her life is a living hell
She doesn’t know it, ‘cause her pockets don’t show it
Her nigga complies with all of her wishes
She feels like a queen but looks like a fiend
Know what I mean
She couldn’t get her lips off the pipe not yet
And it won’t last long, wanna make a bet
She smokin' that rock, sellin' that rock
Smokin' and sniffin' and sellin' that rock
Smokin' that rock
There is none higher, higher
I knew a nigga had a car and some weed
He figured this was the only way that he could succeed
He proceed to let the greed prevail
Not long ago he made his very first crack sale
Now he’s large and in charge
He got four, five, six, six, six cars in the garage
It doesn’t matter how he got it
Long as his keys stay heavy and his pockets stay knotted
Whath he didn’t know is he would meet a hoe
Who would smoke sun to sun
I call her verse one
She get that nigga for everything he got
‘Cause she snippin' that and he’s sellin' that
He met her around the way
Smoothe as oil of Olay
He didn’t know what to say
Eventually they would lay
She wanted a hit and I ain’t talkin' ‘bout no smack on the ass
I tried to tell her that the high won’t last
She wouldn’t listen, mind over matter
But her world was shattered
So the matter ruled over her mind
Every time she’s trippin' ain’t a figure of speech
She be trippin' every day of the week
Not only does he want in now he wants to be down
So he snippin' blow too now