Перевод песни Victoria Williams – Love

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You wanna know all about where you can get some
You need to know fast, there is no doubt
You wanna know where you can find some love
'Cause everybody wants it
Everybody needs it, nobody gets the meaning of it
Not without love, love is a giving thing
Love is a forgiving thing like spring
Love and you know you can trust in love
A man once said to me a long time ago
He lost his true love, but how can that be?
Maybe later he’ll see that all that lives on is love
And everybody wants it
Everybody needs it, nobody seems to get it
All confused about it but to get it
You have to just give it, you have to just live it
Once in a while you open up just like a child
See things fresh and new, I wish this for you
I wish this for you
Everybody wants it, everybody needs it
Everyone deserves it
If you’re sad, even if you’re mad