Перевод песни En Vogue – No Fool No More

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Packed up all the pain
Left the tears outside my door
And I’m not going to be the one
Who’s left out in the rain no more
I see it so clearly
The writing is on the wall
Telling me I’m going to be alright after all
Now I’ve open my eyes
And I’m finally wise
No, no, no fool no more
1- No fool no more
Not like before
Not the way it used to be
No fool no more
No tears this time
Cause this time I’m wise
To the game that’s been going on
And I’m not going to be no fool no more
Ooh, ooh, no fool
No room for sad regrets
Cause the past is done and gone
And I learned that it’s time that makes you wise
And truth that makes you strong
You thought you were so cool
Pulled the wool right over my heart
Now you see that you can’t keep this heart in the dark
Cause I see through your lies
Won’t be blind one more time
No, no, no fool no more
Repeat 1
Going to pull my heart together
Going to leave the past behind
Going to get to something better
Put you out of my mind (out of my mind)
I’m going to be strong
I’m going to be fine
I just want you to know
That I’m not going to be no fool no more
Repeat 1 til the end of song