Перевод песни Dead Boys – Ain't Nothin' to Do

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I’m so sick of T. V
You know, I’m getting bored of the tube
I’m so sick of romance
And I’m gettin' real sick of you
I wanna get on out of here
Find me somethin' to do
Yeah, get on outta here
Just ain’t nothin' to do
I’m so sick of FM
I don’t play my stereo too
Just wanna get out on the street fights
Just ain’t nothin' to do
There ain’t nothin' to do
Gonna beat up the next hippie I see
Maybe I’ll be beatin' up you
Look out, baby here I comes
Yeah, Punch out
There ain’t nothin' to do
I’m gonna knock down the next old man I see
Maybe I’ll be knockin' down you
There ain’t nothin' to do
«Hey, Cheetah»
«Yeah Stiv»
«I'm bored, lets go pick up some Hilly Girls or something»