Перевод песни Bette Midler – Marriage, Movies, Madonna and Mick

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Of course i have new motivations for staying slim and georgous, you see i
recently got married
I hope that means you are wishing me well and not congratulations on finally
landing some poor worm, Yes i got married, of course i wasn’t the urge to
cojoin that faithful weekend, lots of girls got married that weekend
God all mighty, Olivia Newton John got married, Sally Field got married,
Jamie-Lee Curtis got married, it was like last call at a singles bar
Olivia Newton John got married in Santa Barbara, everything was dyed to match
the very special pink of her panties
Sally got married in Bell Air to a man who liked her, who really liked her
Jaime Lee got married on 5th avenue and i was married in Las Vegas,
by an Elvis impersonater
I married a German boy, I married a crout, Every night i get dressed up like
Poland and he invades me, haha
He likes to go to the movies, he likes to watch teenagers get layed for the
first time, sometimes he even watches the screen, my movies are not about
getting layed, all though i will say once or twice i have been royally screwed
«i'm ready for my close up, wheres the mark, wheres my line, wheres my lunch, i,
oh i love the sound of that voice»
Nobody talks like that anymore in the movies except for Meryl
«I am the french left tenants whore»
I was up for that part, i read that line
«i'm the french lutenants whore, whats it to ya»
I don’t know why i didn’t get that job, but now its move over Meryl Streep,
theres new light on the cinamatic horrizon, Madonna
Oh this is not going to be so much as mud flinging as it’s gonna be like a land
fill alright!
Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, for the very first time today,
ah my god, oh pitty the poor soul who has to rinse out that lingerie,
the only thing that girl will ever do like a virgin is have a baby in a stable,
by an unknown father
Who, me, jelous, what do ya mean!, I’m a material girl too, i’ve been on MTV,
once, I made a video with Mick Jagger
We were fabulous together, i know what your all thinking, did she fuck him?
, How was he?
Ah, Mick, Bruce, Lional, i had em all, How were they? I was better than them!
I left them weak and begging for more
«Prince, get of ma leg, god damn it boy, somebody get a bucket of water to
throw on this putz, honey some kibble, cool down, cool down, „you got to cool
down boy“.»
He’s a very sweet guy, person, fella, i dunno maybe it’s me, when its a sex
symbol, i like to know the sex of the symbol
We were on the road not too long ago, actally we were on the road last year,
two yeras ago, we met some pigs on the road, God, you didn’t know there were
people out there with cosiousness so low my god, we were hanging out with this
band, whats his names band, Oh fabulous band i forget the name, their moto was
«no muff too tough, ugly women have pussys too»
I thought it was revolting till i really actually thought about it and i
thought, oh well that is kinda friendly actually when you, its really kinda none
judgemental in a funny way
Is that my accountent sitting there?, I’ll kill myself, Is it?, looks just like
my accountent, I don’t think it is my acountent, Thank christ! Excuse my
language but, oh my accountent, i adore my accountent never the less,
he has to be up at 6 in the morning at those books, Looking for tax shelters