Перевод песни Billy Lawrence – Happiness

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Oh, happiness is what I feel
When you’re around me
And, baby, don’t you know
That’s all I feel
Hey, loving you is something
So easy to do
You are a part of me
Baby, that’s all I need
You came into my life
When my world seemed so unright
You walked inside my dreams
Dreaming to me
Is now reality
You are my precious one
You’re my sunshine
When it’s raining
Now that you know all these things
I wanna welcome you
In my arms of happiness
Oh, happiness
(Oh, happiness)
Feels so good to be alive
Oh, happiness
(Oh, happiness)
Now that I know
I have you by my side
Oh, happiness is all I feel
When you’re around me
Whenever I’m feeling down
I just make sure you’re around
And I wish I could give you
What you’ve given to me
Just to know
How I feel
Baby, I know it’s for real