Перевод песни Disciple – Pharisee

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Welcome my friends to this beautiful Sunday
My wife burned my tie on the stove just the other day
Your Mama, your Daddy, your greasy, greasy Granny
Let’s judge Bill then we all will pray
Bob fixed the steeple it looks brand new
It’s lunch time now so I guess that’s my cue
Look at that guy on the side of the road
Better him than us now dear let’s go to church
I had a dream I was sleeping tonight
Pharisee man what have you done
You killed all those people and did not bite your tongue
Too ugly, too fat, too short, too tall
I pray His wrath comes down and consumes you all
There is a sign on the door that’s written for you
It says open your eyes read
Through the lines try something new
Hide me inside lets go out in the hall
Does not the Lion himself teach you it’s against the law
I had a dream I was sleeping tonight
I had a dream I was sleeping last night (x2)