Перевод песни Earth Opera – The Child Bride

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your father didn't mean to send you away
He only thought that you were out at play
And now he looks at all the pictures in your room
And sees your face appear behind the moon
The pale room empty
Echoes on her children's tears
Forgotten shadows dancing
Dream beyond the years
And mother didn't mean to cry so proud
Among the guests she felt one tear allowed
She only thought you look so good
Black orchids and your lace mantilla hood
Is sister dancing
With the bride groom on the floor
Names and unknown faces
Reappearing at the door
And you didn't want to wake up all alone
And find you never, ever can go home
And the no tomorrow morning's rush ahead
Slipping silent silver needles in your head
No poem depicting
Painted faces on the bed
Empty prayers to be inside you
When the love is dead