Перевод песни Earth Opera – Close Your Eyes and Shut the Door

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I used to sit and listen to the slowly falling rain
And draw my knees up to my chin and see your face again
The fire used to cast such frightened shadows on the wall
As time eased slowly by me from the clock down in the hall
My eyes are playing tricks upon the stage inside my mind
Where the memories of my used to years become the veil of time
Tie your hands and spin in circles close your eyes and shut the door
You won’t see me like you used to do the way you did before
And the blind men making faces as you spin and walk away
They stagger staring at the nothingness of what you used to say
And love is blushing, madly searching for a place to be alone
To make a count of what you’ve taken and really is your own