Перевод песни Iron Butterfly – I Can't Help but Deceive You Little Girl

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I cannot help but deceive you, little girl
My girl
So, I guess that I’d better leave you, little girl
My girl
Hey! (hey)
Well, I know there’d be a heartache (there'd be heartache)
If you were to become my bride (become his bride)
But at least it’s a true world
And hide in the churning inside
My girl
All right!
Now that we know there’d be heartache
If you were to become my bride
Let’s face it girl, it’s time to break up
It’s time to let our fortunes be our guide
You know I hate
The lonely part of leaving you behind
But face it, babe
It’s the only way
We’d ever have peace of mind
A couple of lonely lovers for all time