Перевод песни El DeBarge – Where You Are

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Listen to me
I got smethin' to say
I need you to hear me, right away
Ooo wee baby
Can I please explain
I can’t live without you one more day
Honestly I’m admitting
I’m just a little bit timid
So hold me and don’t go away
Not without me
'Cause when you’re gone
I’m much too lonely
I wanna be
Where you are
I want to be everywhere you are
Where you are, you are
Where you are
If you only knew how much I miss you
If you only knew how much I care
You would be surprised to realize
Oh how much you’d become aware
In a room full of people, girl
I’m still lonely, baby
'cause you’re not there
So to prevent any more sorrow
Should you leave this place tomorrow
Well pack my bags too, baby
And take me with you
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