Перевод песни Goldie Lookin Chain – Soap Bar

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Burned a new hole in my tracksuit today
Smoking Soap Bar without an ashtray
Red-hot nylon dripping on my skin
I ripped the fucker off, and threw it in the bin
Soap Bar’s cheap, and so’s my clothes
They’ve got to be cause of all the fucking holes
It tastes like shit and it makes you cough
And it’s the fucking rubber in it that gets you off
Yeah, I smoke Soap Bar with lots of bits of plastic
I leaves mine in it cause it tastes fantastic
Skunk costs too much, I can’t see the appeal
I’m smoking 'Port Rocky, Soap Bar or Gold Seal
Smoke Rocky in a bong, bucket or hot-knives
Bake it in a cake for your Mam as a surprise
I smokes Green, and it’s gone in an instant
But Soap Bar lasts, cause it’s fucking consistent
Smoking on up, Soap Bar in the sky
I’ll smoke Soap Bar ‘till I fucking die
Before I die and they lay me to rest
I will always smoke Soap Bar, that’s the best
Last night I went out driving in my car
I sparked up a fat spliff of fucking Soap Bar
A Blim-burn burned right down to my dick
And while I was distracted, I fucking crashed into a
Brick wall, the car was fucking battered
The bonnet flipped up and the windscreen shattered
You’re better off smoking The Green instead
Cause it don’t Blim-Burn and it’s better for your head
Soap Bar! Sitting in a deep sweat
Thinking! I’ve got to get some Rocky for the
Weekend! The sight of Draw excites me
Stick it in a bong, light it up and chuck a fucking
Whitey! Burning holes in my tracky
This shit always happens when I’m smoking fucking Rocky
You’ve heard it on the news; you’ve seen it on the telly
Had up for moving Soap Bar down fucking Liswerry
«I do it like a little cause light the fucking thing as always»
I used to smoke Skunky but it was far too smelly, man!
Most Soap Bar comes from fucking Holland
They make it out of oil, and tires and pollen
Diesel, Miramar, Flat-Press too;
These are types of Soap Bar available to you
These little bits of plastic you find inside;
You can use those as a quality guide
Of the standard of Soap Bar that you are smoking
The more bits of plastic means the better the toking
Eat a Hash-cake but wait a while
It’ll take about an hour, ain’t draw versatile?
You can burn it, eat it, or smoke it in a spliff
Space shakes, Draw gateau’s, you knows it Delia Smith
Lying in your bed dropping blimps on your pubes
Selling Draw to your mates but it’s really Oxo cubes
When you’re cooking up draw, be quick don’t linger
Cause it’s really fucking hot and it’ll burn your fingers
This bloke said to me; «You haven’t got a clue
About the damage that Soap Bar can do to you»
I tried to see things from his point of view
But I couldn’t fit my head up his asshole too
The bloke was wrong, I knows my stuff
I knows if I smoke it, I’m gonna feel rough
My lungs are fucked and my throat is raw
Cause the thing about Soap Bar; it’s fucking hardcore
Well anyway I think it’s better myself to lean forwards
When smoking Soap Bar, because you are less likely to Blim-Burn
You know what I mean?
Innit, check it out man! I got some quality fucking Gold-Seal for you, innit?
Shape up all those little bits of plastic what you find inside, right
And then fucking stick them in a teapot
Makes a lovely cup of tea, that does
What I do, stick a fag in the microwave, right
You toke it up, you sticks the Draw on top
And you rams it in a bong and you rams the bong in your fucking head
Yeah that’s like my fucking lungs feel like
They’re fucking collapsing sometimes from the Soap Bar like
You know?