Перевод песни Goldie Lookin Chain – Leeroy Fashions' Lament

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So people just stand like they don't care, they don't give a fuck what people
think they just get up and they just do what they gotta do And aaah, I think I really admire people like that, because when they got the
bottle to get up there and do it and just stand there and just go «Woah, Yes...
I... am Elvis» OR thinking, but I could be anybody like Elvis. And just stand
there and just say «Woah, wicked. Let's do it.»
It goes inside with the, erm GLC and stuff. It's just, erm...
(Back ground) Paul! No! Get, get off! No! Pisshead!
Adam, do you wanna rip one?
Shall we rip...
Shall we rip...
Shall we rip a track?
Let's rip a track
(Background) I'm serious, get off! You're buzzing out. *Laughter* I seen you,
I SEEN YOU! No don't! I seen you fuckin' man! Don't, close the door!