Перевод песни Goldie Lookin Chain – 21 Ounces

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I need to shift this draw quick as fuck
Flip the cash and take my cut
It’s really powerful, it’s so strong
But I’m selling it fast and it’s nearly all gone
I’ll sell you a nine-bar or just the ounce
I’ll sell you little bits or large amounts
Adam Hussein, remember me?
Selling the draw from my Capri
Want some draw? With me you’ll score
Cos I grows this shit out o' my nan’s back door
Bongs, bingers, blow buckets
I sell ounces to schoolkids but I don’t care, fuck it
Get it on tick, but make it quick
I just got a load of wicked Thai stick
Party’s going down, I’ll bring the brown
Tonight it’s going off in Newport town
I’ve got 21 ounces of blow
I’ve got 21 ounces of blow
So if you want some let me know
'Cos I’ve really gotta go
I’ve got 21 ounces of blow, blow, blow
People watch me like Match of the Day
I’ve got a stack of weed like a bale of hay
I drive my Capri like Colin Mcrae
And I’ve got to drop some weed off in Alwa
I’ve got really good scales and my deals are proper
The price is wicked too, just like Happy Shopper
I sells the best skunk, you can tell by the smell
I’ll also sell you fags and rizlas as well
Oi clarts!
Don’t fucking start
Or I’ll whip you with my chain, and it’ll fucking smart
Weeds green like a frog
My brown’ll make you shake like a shitting dog
Ten or twenty, I got plenty
I’m still selling draw down Pilgweny
Getting laid, not getting played
Don’t give a fuck as long as I get paid
I’m driving, feeling sane
'Cos the boot’s rammed with Mary Jane
That’s right!
It’s Benny Blanco
Selling the speed and the blow out of my car
'Cos that’s how it’s done
Pigs bust me twice so they got me on the run
Adam Hussein, I’m fucking GLC
'cos if you want the THC, come see me
There’s a new dance, going on
In Newport, it’s called the funky bong
You wiggle your hips and start to show off
Breathe in and out and then you cough
You can only do it when your smoking a cone
You can do it with your mates or all alone
Right to the left, left to the right
GLC are the fucking bomb, alright?
I’ve got speed, whatever you need
'cos I’ve always got a big bag of weed
My shit ain’t bunk
I sell skunk out of my low ride Capri’s trunk
Wanna gurn? You better learn
Your missus’ll get free pills burping my worm
She’s on all fours
Wouldn’t touch her with yours
'Cos she looks like a Wookie out of fucking Star Wars