Перевод песни Pretty & Nice – Piranha

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Up to your tricks again
You wait
In your mischievous way
The Alligator and the Crocodile don't care
That we get groovy on the weekend
I've got this magic wand
And i've got spot lights shining down and down
This fancy ketchup doesn't make me a debutante
Oh what a mighty jaw!
Oh what a beast you are, Piranha!
Oh what a mighty jaw!
Out of my head in love!
Feed feed feed you little lazy things
The snails that you're eating don't hang with a fast crowd
You know that i can't afford what i need
Without a payment plan
Without losing a hand!
So drop your Southern Drawl
And get your sharks blood pumping down and down
Lean over tell me i'm the next to go Oh what a mighty jaw...