Перевод песни The Dutchess & The Duke – Mary

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You put the blood in my veins
And the lips on my face
And the tongue that I speak with
And you spun the skin 'round my bones
Put the spine in my back
And the voice that I sing with
And you gave me fingers and the hands in the hair
And you did it without even trying
And you gave me everything I need to live
And now I need to leave you behind
And you taught me how to love wrong
And I learned it so long ago
Now I can't change
And you gave me two eyes to look with
And now that I'm looking it's looking so strange
But you put this pain in my heart
And you put this shame in my soul
And you wrapped your memory around me
So I wouldn't die in the rain and the cold
And all the days I lost track
When you never came back
With my heart in your sack
And you put the fear in my mind
That what I would love would just leave me behind
Well girl don't tell me where you've been
'Cause I'll never believe you anyway
And don't you tell me where you're going
When you go and hide don't on Mexico Way
And you know it's always the same
When I do wrong it's you that I blame
And ever since I was a child
When I go wild, I still speak your name
But I ain't gonna say your name no more