Перевод песни Cansei De Ser Sexy – Left Behind

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Baby you’ve got me thinking
About the things I left behind
A suitcase in Helsinki
Full of things I wanna set on fire
For I realize that you’ve been lying
And no matter how hard I try
I won’t be able to forget this
Cuz this is buried deep inside
Not in what I left behind
What I left behind
Left behind
Left behind
So I might fly back to Helsinki
And even stay there for a while
Gonna get my things back
Gonna have some fun there
And drink till I pass out
I’m gonna jump onto the tables
And dance my ass off till I die
And then I’ll hopefully forget you
And quit those nightmares I’ve been having
Every night, every day
It’s the same, so hard to explain
A million pounds won’t be enough
To make me stare back at your face
That’s what I left behind
Left behind
What I left behind
Left behind