Перевод песни Pissed Jeans – My Bed

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I sleep in my bed
Window over my head
Quiet and nothing said
Quilt a shade of red
Rug lays on my floor
Couple feet from my door
White walls nothing more
That’s the end of the tour
I lay there every night
Do it all over again
Ceiling fan waves goodbye
I count on him as a friend
Figured out why I hate their parties
I could use a good magazine
Lay down and check for insects
Worst part of my routine
No reason to let anybody in
When I can’t think of three reasons why I’d win
I’m most at home when all the doors are locked
In my bed I forgive all my sins
Stay out, stay out, stay out
It’s safe in my bed
I’m fine in my bed
I’m safe in my bed
I belong in my bed
I’m having fun
I’m number one
I’m safe in my bed
I’m number one in my bed
No one can take me out of this bed
I can think of all the things I said
I just know that
Something good is gonna happen