Перевод песни Pissed Jeans – Secret Admirer

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I’ve got something to tell you
I hope you don’t take it wrong
You’ve got a secret admirer
And I think he’s writing a song
He’s a mysterious guy alright
I’ll give you a clue who it is
And I’ll throw in a couple of guesses
He’s in the music biz
He keeps his tongue tied
And he’s really shy
But none of that means
That he’s a bad guy
I’m pretty sure he sees you on weekdays
When you’re walking home from work
He looks out of his window
So he can’t act like a jerk
And he’s figured out what car you drive
Not totally sure which house is yours
He doesn’t know what you’re looking for
He’s gonna get it
Well, I’ve got something to tell you
I’m not trying to be a creep
One day he’ll be in your driveway
Singing «La, la, la»