Перевод песни John Cale – The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy

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Pity the poor man, pity the sad man
Pity the green man who couldn’t afford to orgy
Pity the policeman, pity the snowman
Pity the woman who couldn’t afford to orgy
«Say, Johnny, you’re a little lonesome?
Oh, come on big boy, let me show you
Mmm, don’t you wanna good time?»
Good for the postman, good for the con man
Good for the milkman, they can afford to orgy
Good for the butcher, good for the astronaut
Good for the curate, they can afford to orgy
«Come on, honey, keep breaking my heart
Ooh, you’re breaking my heart»
If it’s a problem getting together
Leave it alone, it’s the easiest way
Great while it lasts, but it don’t last forever
Nothing like living real dangerously
«Ooh, come on, give yourself a break
Oh, don’t worry, baby, you’ll get over it
Mmm, you’ll get over it»
Sorry to hear it, sorry to see it
Sorry to mention I couldn’t afford to orgy
Seems such a bother, one thing, another
Tempting and teasing, just for an orgy
«Oh no, you have to take a chance
Ah, you’ve gotta give me one chance anyway
Mmm, you can sure do it
Ah, mmm, c’mon, mmm»