Перевод песни Fastbacks – Meet The Author

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Meet the author at the shop with wheels on it
Buy a book and get an autograph on it
Saw the table there with all your books on it
There was one I swear without your name on it
The story there was one I’d read before
They woke me up I was sleeping on the floor
'The Author,' they told me
What if we never had to sleep
Think how much better our life would be
If we didn’t have to sleep
We could fit so much more things done in to day
When sleep time comes
No-one will run
What if nothing was pretty
Think how much easier life would be
If we never stopped and looked around
It would mean more things done in to day
Trying to leave the party
And I’m trying to leave the party
And I’m dying to leave the party in my head