Перевод песни Seaweed – Card Tricks

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
throw the printing that’s not fit
these jerks like us are cause of it
try and document the dullest corners of a life
do you feel content with better days and better moments
should i grasp a hold
rips out the sonnet where he dies
repeat nod it off
my peers become components
and in out place
let’s create a void
under the third card
you’ll find my gold
it’s such a bum
the slow see nothing
see up as face less waste offs
tip the tourist hard
gave him the story worth the dime
strtch out in feeble days
better days and better moments
should i identify
the lack of a knowledge of a world
easy life resides
beneath the shell and turn the keys
aaaaaaaaay could wait so long
for better days and better moments
i can’t do much