Перевод песни Seaweed – Turnout

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
smile and say who’s bitter here
(it's not fine)
i held position in your ear
(and it’s not fine)
always lived such a charmed life
never having to resign
dimples turn into crow’s feet
and i can’t say it makes me sad
don’t remember why you’re here
just turns out that way
it’s not approval that i fear
always offer more than had to say
and the method which you speak is so charming
and the sentences you use they were so vague
and the rhythm of your plans revolt me
and the language that we use just seems to plague
up two stories from the last place
just turns out that way
accent approval ever been traced
with social graces as your case
and i’ll stick in the worst time
back from sleep without a goodbye
just turns out that way
a conversation lackin real ties
and now whose bitter wrimble face