Перевод песни Sebadoh – Telecosmic Alchemy

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Embrace, and dream awake
Nothing grew, so make it bad
I'm sad, fuck sad
I'm teary-eyed
I want a lovey-dovey honey
That's what I like
I'm the finest drifter you'll ever meet
I'm the kindest drifter you'll ever meet
Don't think nothing, cards condemn
I am sure we both cut and shuffled them
I cry cause I'm drunk, plead cause I'm down
Gravity immune, yeah, I didn't leave town
Learn to talk, teach me alchemy
Now the witch cannot spell what my future might be I want a lovey-dovey honey who'll learn to talk
I bought the gin and tonic, would you care to walk
With me?
Carry on my way
My soul melting down
Rotten knees stumbling, I've nothing but contempt
I'm the finest drifter you'll ever hate
But I'll cook for you and I'll clean my plate