Перевод песни Sebadoh – Crisis

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Story of water stronger than a man
Town crier: day of the dam!
More than a hundred years ago
The flood raged on fast and cold
Smashed barrels and broken chests
Bridgework carried along to rest
Crisis; cry sister
Crisis; cry sister
It’s been real; it’s been nice sis
I can’t help with your crisis
C. Graves riding double speed
Clear the factories you all must flee
One in a panic turned to face the wave
Raised his arms; met his fate
Still in the riverbed you can see
The broken pieces of pottery
Cry sis; cry sister
Cry sis; cry sister
Yes, I’m gonna miss your kiss
But i can’t go on like this
I Am A Tribal Chief
My Name Disorder
Flesh And Blood
A Tango Flood
The antichrist is sleeping