Перевод песни Megapuss – A Gun On His Hip And A Rose On His Chest

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f**k the president in the asshole
f**k the government in the asshole
f**k the taxes in their IRasses
Got a gun on my hip and a rose on my dick
f**k the Fences in the asshole
f**k the police in the asshole
f**k the pastors touching my baby boy’s asshole
Got a gun on my hip and rose next ahead
Oh yeah, uh huh, alright
f**k Eron and f**k Exxon in the assholes
f**k homophobes in the assholes
f**k Abe Lincoln
Aw, I’m just kidding (I'm just kidding)
Got a gun on my sombrero and a rose in a barrel
Aw huh, that’s right
f**k the DEA in the asshole
f**k Devandro (?) in the asshole
f**k Redrogo (?) in the asshole-o
Got a gun on my hip and a rose on my dick
Alright, All-right
Hey Bo Diddly!